Megan Phillips


Chicago, IL

(Online- Anywhere)

Artist and creative professional.
        Outside kid.
BA in Graphic Art and minor in Museum Studies from DePaul University (June 2020).

Current and future plans consist of (but are not limited to) professional exhibtion design, event planning, and attending the Met Gala.



This Counts

Exhibition Organizer, Artist

Sparked by the limited experience listed on our resumes, this exhibition provides an opportunity for student work to be seen outside of the traditional classroom context. Young artists are frequently overlooked, even though work like ours is defining upcoming trends, while expanding upon the history of art and design movements. In contrast to many exhibitions, this collection places emphasis on the artists themselves, as many of us are working through a transitional stage between our academic and professional careers-- we are in a balancing act between our present state and our future plans. At this time in our lives we are asked to define ourselves, interests, and skills to sell ourselves to employers and galleries, yet without tangible experience in the field, how can we meet expectations? This exhibition acts as a playground of self-expression and serves as a reflection of our changing identities.

Made Possible By: Cards Against Humanity Gallery and Design Museum of Chicago
Submissions: 236
Accepted: 40
Attendance: ~200